Saturday, 30 April 2016

Matthew Dowel quit a $1,000 dollar a week drug habit cold turkey after he was given a glimpse of Hell

It was hot. It was extremely hot. Very humid and dense. Smoke coming out of the ground. I am split into 7. Two of me, I'm living in my past, and I'm experiencing all the people that I met throughout my life. And they would come to me and get within my face and start pushing and screaming. I would re-live a moment that I caused them pain.

Then he says, he saw the suffering his death would eventually cause.

My mother... I was there when she collapsed when she found out I was dead from the suicide.

My daughter... She was 18, and she's sitting on the floor contemplating suicide because I wasn't there for her.

I was on my hands and face weeping. Weeping. Not just crying, but weeping for Jesus to save me.

"How did you get out?"

I was pretty much lifted up by the back of my neck, and slowly, very slowly lifted out of this pit.

A voice told me; "You have work to do, and if you continue to live like you are, this is where you're going to spend eternity."

Matthew says he woke up a day later, back in his apartment. How he got there remains a mystery.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Debra Pursell has a car crash and finds herself descending down a long dark tunnel

At the time of the impact, I was going away. I was gone. I believe I was dead and I was going to Hell. 

And I was going down this big long tunnel. It was so dark. It was so dark. And it was so black that you couldn't even see your hands in front of your face. 

You couldn't see anything, and I'm saying; "I don't want to go yet. I don't want to go yet." And I'm falling further and further away from that light, that light. I was reaching upward. Where am I going? I don't want to go yet.

From the darkness, things were grabbing at me with their hands and long fingernails grabbing at me, trying to pull me in with them. 

And I was going; "No! I don't want to go yet. I don't want to go yet." 

Screaming! Their mouths were open so wide and their teeth gnashing, but no sound coming. No sound. Just hands trying to pull me in and their mouths so wide open and feeling like "No please, I don't want to go yet Jesus. Oh please, I'll do right. I'll do right" 

And out of the blue, like a flash of light, my whole body stopped in mid-air, and I felt hands, to this day, I could feel the impression of hands on my bottom, and the hands pushed me so fast that I saw myself going towards the light. I went into the lightness and I was in the hospital. And I woke up and I was in the hospital.

I was looking around. At first my eyes were closed, and I looked around and I closed my eyes. I couldn't figure out where I was at because I'm still seeing that light while I was falling, and I was seeing all the light. I'm saying, "Well, where am I?"

And I heard a policeman say; "Oh, we lost this one. We lost this one. What is her name? Do you have anything on her?"

And I opened my eyes and said; "No you didn't."

And he jumped back.

Monday, 11 April 2016

A Catholic priest dies in a car accident and finds himself before the judgement seat of God

"I was before the judgement seat of Our Lord. I did not see Him. There was much said in regards to my life. The only thing that I did when I heard about particular instances was internally say, "Yes, yes, that's true". There was no rebuttal.

At the end of His speaking, He said, "The sentence that you will have for all eternity is Hell."

I thought internally, "I know. This is what I deserve."

At that moment, I heard a female voice. The voice said, "Son, would you please spare his life?" 

Our Lord said, "Mother, He has been a priest for 12 years for himself, and not for me. Let him reap the punishment he deserves."

At that, I heard her say in response, "But Son, if we give to him special graces and strengths, and come to him in ways that he is not familiar with, and see if he bears fruit. If he does not, then Your will be done."

There was a very short pause, and He said. "Mother, he's yours".

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Ronald was a drug addicted criminal who wasn't scared of anything until he saw Hell

Ronald Reagan was a drug addict and a criminal who almost bled to death following a violent confrontation at a shop. Ronald lost so much blood that he had an out of body experience which changed his life forever.

"Immediately, I was moving through that smoke as if through a tunnel, and after some period of time, coming out of the smoke, and out of the darkness, I began to hear the voices of the multitude of people screaming and groaning and crying. But as I looked down, the sensation was looking down upon a volcanic opening, and seeing fire and smoke and people inside of this burning place, screaming and crying. They were burning, but they weren't burning up. They weren't being consumed."

"But the most terrible part of it, I began to recognize many of the people that I was seeing in these flames, as if a closeup lens on a camera was bringing their faces close to me. I could see their features, and see the agony and the pain and the frustration. And a number of them began to call my name and said, 'Ronny don't come to this place. There's no way out. There's no escape if you come here. There's no way out.'"

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Key Lynn Trimble was a Mormon who died and went to Hell.

I found my spirit being sucked down into the very pits of Hell itself. And I saw that place. I heard demons screaming, "We've got another one". And it is so horrible that I pray to God that no one ever has to go into that place. And I heard people screaming in agony, just begging, "Why am I here? Why am I here?" And that's what I was saying. "Why am I here, and what is this place?" Because you see, the Church that we belonged to did not believe in Hell or the Cross. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Howard Storm was an atheist until he died and went to Hell

Reverend Howard Storm was an atheist, and a former Art Professor and Chairman of the Art Department at Northern Kentucky University until he died and went to Hell. Now he lives to warn people about what is waiting for them on the other side if they don't accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

23 minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese

Bill Wiese is a man who spent 23 minutes in Hell. What he saw and experienced is absolutely terrifying and will make you think very seriously about the state of your soul and where you will spend eternity.